Sometimes it’s fun to just build something different for a change. Red Racer is my version of Sunsky’s lovely Snow White Racing Machine  which I updated to use the new power functions servo for steering and medium motor for drive. I also styled it in red.

I came across the Show White racing machine a few years ago and had saved it for a future date to build. I really liked the clean and simple lines and compact design of the original, and decided to take advantage of the Christmas holiday to build my own version.

My first challenge was that I didn’t have any of the steering parts used in the original racer! Time for some thinking…if I was going to change how the steering worked I may as well upgrade the steering to use the new power functions servo motor.

Luckily Sunsky’s post on the original design had presented detailed disassembly instructions so I was able to build an initial version of the racer, and then modify it to use the new Power Functions motor and servo. I had to widen the chassis by one stud so that everything would fit, and increase the length too so the servo would fit.

The original car was styled in white, but I chose red as I did not have enough white pieces. One thing I learned from this build; I’ve a lot to learn about designing bodies for cars!

2014-12-20 23.39.36 HDR 2014-12-20 23.46.19 HDR 2014-12-20 23.46.08 HDR 2014-12-20 23.45.55 HDR 2014-12-20 23.45.35 HDR 2014-12-20 23.45.17 HDR 2014-12-20 23.45.05 HDR 2014-12-20 23.45.00 HDR 2014-12-20 23.44.43