This was a fun build I did over a weekend. I wanted a little challenge to tackle, something new I hadn’t tried before. I really like Nathanael Kuipers supercars, which he posts on his new website But I also noticed he had a design for a compact LEGO clock. What appealed to me was the simplicity of the design, and how densely he packed the gears into the body. So challenge accepted!

Nathanael usually posts building instructions for his models, but in this case he had shared some pictures of the final model. I was left to puzzle out exactly how it all came together, and also which parts were not shown in the pictures. It was a 3D puzzle, with a lot of hidden moves!

The clock hour and minute hand run together from a single drive axle, so I started by building that. Then I worked on the lower gearbox, which was a lot more challenging. The difficulty was in figuring out exactly how the geartrain came together. It took some trial and error but once built it was very tight. I like how the white clutch gear was used to allow the black bevel gear to rotate and change the hand position, and hence set the time.

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