The market for Wifi drivers for the NXT is exploding – and not a moment too soon I say! Previously the only way to get your NXT to talk to the big bad Internet was to create a homebrew adapter to a wifi sensor; not a project for the faint-of-heart. But now there are three sensors on (or coming to) the market:

The Dexter Industries DiWifi sensor. The first on the market and one I have worked with for a number of months now. I used this sensor in my Lego Street View Car.

The NXT2WIFI sensor from mad Italian robot scientist Danny Benedettelli is in development. I have a pre-production unit that I am beta-testing with fellow Lego sensor hacker Xander Soldaat.

The HumaRobotics WifiBlock for the NXT. I’ve just received a demo version of this sensor and will start developing a leJOS driver for it once I’ve finished work on the NXT2WIFI driver.

Each of these sensors has unique features that differentiate them over others in the market. They each connect to the NXT on the high-speed RS485 port 4. They receive serial commands from the NXT over the RS485 line and in return forward data received over the wifi connection to the NXT. All three sensors are capable of connecting to standard WPA, WPA2, WEP and WPA2-PSK encrypted wifi networks (you do use encryption on your home wifi don’t you???)