I received a preview paper copy of the new book from NoStarch press titled “Lego Heavy Weapons” by Jack Street. For those of you who don’t know Jack is a young prodigy in the area of Lego gunsmiths as he built is first working Lego gun at the tender age of 13, and has been refining his designs ever since.

I’m not a big fan of making lifelike guns from Lego, but I cannot deny the amazing technical details in Jack’s work, and his attention to detail. He has refined his designs over the years and the final result is stunning.

Jack provides detailed building instructions for 4 famous guns:

  • The (infamous) AK-47 assault rifle.
  • The Desert Eagle handgun.
  • A Lee-Enfield rifle.
  • A pump-action SPAS shotgun.

Step-by-step building instructions are provided, and as they are in black-and-white I recommend skipping forward a step or two if you get stuck to see how parts come together. I know from experience that full colour printing would have made the cost of the book far too high to sell.

I’m really looking forward to building some of the models in this book. Jack provides detailed explanations of how the guns work, so you not only get to build a working model but will learn something about gunsmithing in the process. The mechanisms that he designs are intricate; a watchmaker would have been proud of this work.

Jack also has a youtube channel where you can see videos of his guns in action – prepare to be blown away (lol).

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who is either interested in guns, or enjoys seeing life-like objects rendered in LEGO with clever design and attention to detail.