I was inspired by a number of cubeshaped robots on NXTlog to build a similar vehicle. Presenting Que-boid!Que-boid can drive on four faces thanks to the track design. The design for the track supports is taken from the LEGO 8294 Excavator; I used four excavator track supports attached by beams to build the model structure. I am very pleased with how reusable the LEGO 8294 design is. Why re-invent the wheel when you can build on the work of giants?

The battery pack is mounted on a fold-out frame on the side of the rover. Two medium Power Function motors have plenty of torque to drive the rover – it is surprising lightweight and sturdy. The LEGO NXT controls the motors via the Mindsensors NRLink interface. For simplicity I do not have any cables attached in the pictures shown below.

Source Code

Queboid drives around and avoids obstacles – not rocket science to program but fun to watch. You can download the queboid3.nxc NXC source file.

Building Instructions

• View step-by-step building instructions as a ZIP file (14.5 MB download)

• View a gallery of images with step-by-step instructions.


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You can watch a short video of Queboid driving in my kitchen. It sounds like a machine gun firing!