Thanks to  Laurens at Robot Square we can share some images of the 5 core robots that come with the new 31313 Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit. A lot to take in here!We start with the king of the robots (at least in Lego world!) Ev3rstorm. He shoots Zamor spheres from his hand as he walks, and sports a very impressive Mohawk hairstyle. The new red-tinted colour parts add to the dramatic effect. See how the new medium motor is built smoothly into the arm mechanism, this new motor has an ideal shape to fit into small spaces in your models. Notice also the lights integrated into the EV3 brick itself!

Next comes R3ptar, a snake that strikes at prey as it drives across your floor. R3ptar is a large model, one of the longest I’ve seen in a while. Again the red tinted pieces are adding to the effect very well here.

Spik3r is a mobile scorpion that seeks out the IR beacon and shoots spheres from his tail. An ingenious linkage mechanism makes the legs move as it drives across the floor.

Finally Track3r (do we see a spelling theme here?) which has an attachment to mount multiple tools, in this case a hammer:

Gripp3r will grab cans using its gripper mounted on the front. Must be a brother of Ev3rstorm given the haircut!